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I was a victim of my own high expectations on this one--it had been built up as an Event, and it turned out to be a pretty good thriller. It's definitely a Jordan Peele project, and I laughed. It's well put together, and they only lean on one jump scare, although its placement is odd. I'd say it's a better made movie than Keanu, although it may not have as much re-watch value.
Three wags, with a fancy recliner seat so it's like watching at home in the living room.
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The summary on the internet I saw would have made a great rom-com. Two high school kids, a boy and a girl, switch bodies from time to time. And I think that plays through about the first half of the film, when suddenly things get a lot more serious. Like 500 people dead serious. And I was distinctly unsure where they were going, but just relax and trust the weird mysticism that you get when you drink sake made from chewed up rice and spit. A lot of the time, you won't know exactly what's going on, and that's okay.

As one of my fellow movie goers said, they're not afraid to lean into the awkwardness of this situation, but it's never in a mean or exploitative way. It's just one of those shows where your little sister says "You really like your boobs." I was taken in by these characters, and I wanted these two to make it work, and the several times when they were *almost* there made it ache a little. This isn't one of those movies where something stupid happens that five seconds of conversation between two rational adults would have cleared things up. There are good, strong reasons they keep pushing apart. And since it was a Japanese movie, there's not that guarantee that they're going to get together in the end. I won't say whether they did or not, but the ending was satisfying for me.

Four wags, with cheese popcorn.
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Last night, at the end of the B5 Death March, we watched Sleeping in Light. It was a long trudge. I found a lot of the first half of the season frustrating in its plot stupids and character frustrations. (Case in point: Garibaldi's descent into alcoholism was at least not stupid, but it was mawkish and patronizing and very After School Special.) I keep trying to pretend that Sheridan and Delenn have any chemistry, and I keep failing. And I have never seen a more prodigious Return of the King phenomenon than the last three or four episodes of tender loving farewells for each individual character on the show. At least SiL was watchable and vaguely interesting, and it was nice to see Ivanova again. And dang the aging f/x were good. Not even the Neil Gaiman episode was worth the time I spent watching it. Meh. Anyway, If I had it to do over again, I wouldn't.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention a point of glee. Londo's birthday gift to the lovely couple's unborn child. That was a nice bit of plotting, even if we never get a pay off.
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I finally figured out why I couldn't get past DragonBreath. (Nice symbolism there, Qunari dudes.) I cannot use a fireball to set off the gunpowder cart that's blocking the rails, I have to explode my freakish fade-tuned hand glow in order to set it off.

It was good, it was fun. I can't imagine ending the game without Trespass though. I'm disappointed in how things turned out in the 'where are they now' section. I spent the game trying to romance The Iron Bull, including killing six dragons with him, and he still made me kill him and fight the last battle a man down. I ended up working for the Church (Well, the head of the church, make of that what you will.) which is a little uncomfortable for a heathen Dalish, even if she did put the Canticle of Shartan and his filthy barbarous elf friends back in the Chant. I missed the opportunity to tell Penderghast I'd back her play to be the Divine and so my scary French girlfriend now runs the Church which makes me a little uneasy.

Maybe I'll see if the website has one of those 'Choose Your Own Adventure' things where I can tick off the points for an 'official history' of the Inquisition.


Apr. 17th, 2017 11:44 am
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My heart is suddenly racing. I don't see an external impetus for it. I'm going to mindfully sit with it and curiously examine it without judging it.
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I want to try to make words out of what I'm feeling. But I can't even make feels out of what I'm feeling. There's too much, and it's too big, and it's all bad, and it all conflicts so I can't sort it out and turn it into something that makes sense, let alone make words. And I certainly can't do it when I'm already half way down the rabbit hole. So I have to just go on the assumption that trying to make words is enough, because that's all I have. And so when you ask what you can do to help, and I can't tell you anything, this is why.
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I decided to postpone my grief processing and give myself a little prep time, so tonight I went out and saw the Lego Batman movie. I laughed pretty much all the way through it. I was worried they'd spend 90 minutes riffing on the character from the Lego Movie, but they gave him an arc and let us actually care about him.

I like that he's still a Master Builder.

I like that Commissioner Gordon was kick ass and competent even before she was Batgirl.

I like that Billy Dee Williams *finally* got to play Two Face.

Five wags, worth every penny I paid.
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Good episode all in all, but what struck me was that they let Crusher's hair get mussed while she was running through the wilderness, not just for one scene but until they got back to the ship.
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I can't recall if I specifically recommended this or not. The first season is on Netflix. It's like the cool dystopic fiction the kids these days are grooving on, but it's smart and clever. This would pair well with a bottle of 'Red Rising', the book I reviewed last year.
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Let's frontload the compliments--this is a very pretty film, and they make good use of that fancy new Technicolor technology. However. If I spend the first three acts of the film not giving a crap about your two shallow self absorbed leads, you probably screwed something up. And if you're making a musical film, one of them should have a strong voice. And around the end of the third act, they started to become less awful people and I actually got interested. If they redid this movie with the fourth act being the first act, I'd be interested in seeing it again. Also, yay for not shoehorning our couple back together at the end. You don't have to spend your whole life with everyone you fall in love with.
All in all, two limp wags.
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So we may be leaving for Tennessee a little sooner than expected. Like, within an hour or two. We had planned going down for a weekend in February, so John and Amanda could look at houses and I could look at Chattanooga, sometime in February, but it hadn't progressed farther than that. But there's an attractive property with an open house to-morrow and the ant hive is abustle with activity.

Further updates as the situation demands.
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I think I would have gotten more out of this film if I spoke Korean. It's an epic hero's path, and there's got to be a lot of allegory and metaphor in this because otherwise strictly from a physics point of view great swaths of this don't happen. Three wags.
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There are a couple of half hour comedies I've been watching lately that deserve a recommend. First is The Good Place with Kristen Bell. It's about a woman who accidentally gets sent to Heaven and is trying to stay there. There's a lot of talk about ethics and morals, and later in the season they get into identity and what makes you a person. But it's still funny as hell. Second is Mom, with Allison Janney. Three generations of disfunctional women getting through daily life. It's by the guy who did Big Bang Theory (Chuck Lorre) but I'm really impressed by the maturity with which they approach the subject matter. Most of the time it's "bad people trying to do good" and that's when it's at its strongest.
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Spent some time making sure my 7th Sea 2ed downloads are up to date, including reminding myself how unsatisfying reading gaming books in ebook form are. I miss Captain TrueHeart, Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser, and Padre Calavero. Not enough swashbuckling around here.
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Last night I added The Iron Bull to my party. I can't decide if I'm going to romance him or Sera yet, but I need him on the front lines.
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1. Still more than half tempted to start over with an archer. I can't move while shooting, and I find this irksome. However, I just discovered an ability that reduces cooldown on stuff for every regular shot I take, which makes me feel way better about the pitiful amount of damage my regular attack does. Although I think it only counts for the one school of magic.

2. In DA or ME if you give your NPCs abilities that don't fit in the quicktool bar, will they still use those abilities?

Late Night

Dec. 31st, 2016 03:04 am
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I'm lying in bed, not trying to think of nothing at all, when I hear a bump and scrape over my head. Which is not terribly unusual. The squirrels apparently have some sort of small mammal nightclub up there. But then it comes again, and then louder--*thump* *scraaape* I open my eyes and frown in confusion.

"Go home, Santa! You're drunk!"


Dec. 26th, 2016 12:00 pm
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Upon twenty minutes of meditation on the foggy grounds through the warm kitchen's window:

It's ... kinda swirly out there.

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