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Not as weird as I was expecting. You have some varying tech levels, like in Bunraku or Death Trance, but that can be explained by the imperialist Japanese forces having better tech than the Koreans and Chinese. It's pretty obvious where it draws its roots from, even without the name. It's a twisted game of catch the MacGuffin, with a handful of factions in play. Which was a little confusing at first, but a mandatory part in this sort of film. Light, fun, and a little bit dark. Four wags out of five.
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I now have a new favorite Doctor Strange movie.
I'm surprised I didn't hear more outrage about the casting. Of the... five or six named/powerful sorcerers, only one of them was Asian (in a tradition that seemed pretty steeped in Asian mysticism). At least one of the secret magical bases protecting the planet was in Asia, but all three were in the Northern Hemisphere. It almost feels like somebody set out to tweak noses with this.
I enjoyed this film, the special effects give it four wags out of five, although I am concerned that the power levels displayed in this film will make it difficult to team Strange up with anybody else in the MCU.
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Best Doctor Strange movie I've ever seen.
Only Doctor Strange movie I've ever seen.
But hey, Jeffrey Combs.
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This was another chewy satisfying ethics/morals episode about what it means to be human.
Do they touch back on this episode when they encounter the Borg again?
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Album Art
Click through. You know you want to. It's that time of year, and all the cool kids are doing it. Inoculate yourself against boring holiday music!
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This episode tackles one of the things I found fascinating about Shoujo Kakumei Utena--the character who lives to reflect the desires of others, and how easy it is to accept that this reflection is representative of the core because you badly want it to. And thus indicating that it ended exactly how Picard would want it to end--a strong intelligent woman sacrificing for him, chosing duty first, and leaving him with wistful pleasant memories and the knowledge that he had won her but not having to choose between her and his ship.

Also, every time I see the Enterprise zoom across the screen and see the stars shifting behind it, I have to say "That is not how stars work".
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I've taken a break from the XLR8R U4EA series of mixes, because my brain has been eaten by the best part of the new Ghostbusters franchise--Jillian Holtzmann. I built it around the Debarge track, for obvious reasons, and the mix has an eighties theme. Which I'm certain will shock those of you familiar with my musical tastes.
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(Early aside: Despite the fact that maybe three people will see my icon here on Dreamwidth, I spend an awful lot of time choosing it.)

Lately things have been more okay. I'm at peace with myself in a way I never have before. I don't have a job, and while that's definitely not ideal, I'm not tearing myself apart about it. I don't feel like I'm a failure as a person. I'm accomplishing things that may at least bring in some income, if not enough to be an actual job. Emotionally, I think I'm maturing. I'm not sure if counseling is helping or not, but I'm still going, I'm still open to the process. I still have depressions, and that's not surprising. I have come to terms with the idea that I'll probably always have them, and I'm working to positively work with them. AmberCon is two-plus weeks away, and I haven't had any of my usual panic over not being ready, and how my games are doomed to be giant pits of not fun and everybody will hate me. I feel on top of it, and my big problem there is being impatient that other people are not as excited as I am and aren't writing back soon enough for my tastes.

And my blood pressure keeps rising. My diet hasn't changed, so I don't think that's it. And I associate rising blood pressure with emotional stress. It's possible that I'm repressing all my emotional turbulence, but I really don't think that's the issue. And this concerns me, because one of the few things I've been able to count on as my body fails me in different ways over the years is that my blood pressure is 'on the higher end of normal'. It saddens me to lose that.
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Funny. Magical. Joyful. Also farts. Also Mary Elizabeth Winstead. (:
Four stars.
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This morning, possibly in a dream, I figured out why the construction 'cishet' bothers me so much. I understand why we needed to create the term 'cisgendered' to address a description we didn't have a name for, but bundling up two unrelated terms into six letters is reductive and dismissive, and it's a classic case of Othering. People have made it clear that they're offended by the term, and even though we didn't mean the term as an insult, when somebody tells you that you've offended them, you don't get to tell them that you didn't. I've had the label slapped on me because I present as male, and my heterosexuality was inferred by default. Which is what the term promotes, really. And one of the tenets of the SJW community is that heteronormation is harmful to the human race.

So there we are. I think 'cishet' is sexually prejudiced, and even if it costs me a few extra letters to use both words, I can make up the lost ground by spelling 'for' as '4'.
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My friend Jim is going to San Francisco on business, but may have a free day there. He asked me to put together a list of touristy things to do, and I want your input as well, because there's bound to be stuff I miss.
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This film has been on my to-watch list for about ten years. It's about the fine line between super powers and mental illness. I had toyed with this idea as either short fiction or a game, and I thought this would be a comedy version of what I'd been thinking of. It wasn't. And it was occasionally difficult to watch. The film makers treated this with respect, and centered around the potential that people have to do good. Four wags.
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Fascinating concept, requires a little suspension. I like that the universal translators *were* working, but it still didn't help. I'm a little disappointed that there's no call back to these aliens later--given their combat abilities against the Federation's flagship, they either have amazing shields or amazing phasers that I bet we'd like to get our hands on.
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So overacting. Such young. Wow. This is RHCP, back in their shirtless days, when they were a funk band. True Men Don't Kill Coyotes. They're very enthusiastic about making this video, or at least the director told them they had to be enthusiastic. Of course I have a certain additional connection to this song. (Hint--check out my icon. Also see Coyote Shivers.) It's music to mosh by, or at least to sit in your chair by the DJ panel and throw your head around by.
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This is a live one--Your Racist Friend by John and John, They Might Be Giants. This is one of the highlights off their breakthrough album, Flood. They are one of two pop bands I can expect to hear accordian solos during their songs. They write odd songs about things nobody else writes about. Like James K. Polk, our eleventh president. Or a hotel detective. Or this racist guy you met at a party and have finally gotten so uncomfortable around that you have to leave. Or, hey, XTC Versus Adam Ant in a musical death match, one of whom has appeared on this show previously and so I must assume is current reigning champion. During the eighties, they would record songs on their answering machine (Free if you call from work!) every few days for people to call up and listen to them. Just because they had an idea for a weird snippet and wanted to share it without having to put it on an album or whatever those fuddy duddys in the music industry did.
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If you want to feel super-retro, listen to an eighties band with a sixties feel. Private Idaho by the B-52s is my favorite 52 song, but I can't tell you why. Maybe it's the wordplay of the title, but it makes just as little sense and has as much infectious enthusiasm as most of their singles. I'd play this track as a reward for my listeners on my radio show after they'd stayed tuned in after a particularly dense and noisy track from the 'Power Rotation' box. This video features Fred with a particularly unfortunate facial hair decision.
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Today's track is Things Can Only Get Better by Howard Jones. 'Dream Into Action' is another of those seminal albums, with every track a gem. These days I don't cherish *every* track, but this album has at least half a dozen songs on my regular playlist. Life in One Day was my theme song in high school (When it wasn't Kiss Off). And growing up without Like to Get to Know You Well and 'Better Off Dead' is unimaginable. Ah, John Cusack before he got all serious.
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Today's selection provides a bit more gristle to chew, more grist for the mill. Friday's cut is Tiny Town by the Dead Milkmen. It's two minutes of emphatically played guitar and enthusiastic if snide vocals with the shout along chorus of "This is a tiny town! And we don't want you comin' 'round!" When I was young, I thought I lived in a tiny town, a quiet undisturbed backwater where nothing really happened and people lived in quiet ignorant bliss. Later I discovered that I lived in a tiny *college* town, where nothing new really happens and everything repeats every four years. Kids skateboarded at the park until cops came along and yelled at them. No cool bands ever came to town, except like the Crazy 8s or something. We would sit quietly and dream of being in a big city like Portland or maybe Eugene, although Eugene was full of hippies. But at least they had Grateful Dead concerts. I got to see them once, with Robert Cray and Jimmy Cliff in an all day hot sun and smoked meat extravaganza, which was world expanding. Also lots of topless girls. So I was a fan of the Big City, even after spending time in Los Angeles.
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You know how I said not everything here would have a big writeup and a history with me?
Pump Up the Jam by Belgian band Technotronic.
It's got a good beat and I can dance to it. I give it an 86.
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I head for the west coast a week from today, landing in Portland late Wednesday.
Planning to stay with Scott on Thursday,
drive to Corvallis on Friday
stay the weekend
spend Monday in Eugene with the Jacksons
Tuesday/Wednesday in Newport with whomever I can convince to show up
Thursday/Friday/Saturday back in Portland
Sunday/Monday in Seattle
and then Monday back to PDX for an afternoon flight.
Even though Airbnb is evil, I'm looking for places to crash there.
If you want to see me, if you want to put me up for a night, let me know.

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