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I finally figured out why I couldn't get past DragonBreath. (Nice symbolism there, Qunari dudes.) I cannot use a fireball to set off the gunpowder cart that's blocking the rails, I have to explode my freakish fade-tuned hand glow in order to set it off.

It was good, it was fun. I can't imagine ending the game without Trespass though. I'm disappointed in how things turned out in the 'where are they now' section. I spent the game trying to romance The Iron Bull, including killing six dragons with him, and he still made me kill him and fight the last battle a man down. I ended up working for the Church (Well, the head of the church, make of that what you will.) which is a little uncomfortable for a heathen Dalish, even if she did put the Canticle of Shartan and his filthy barbarous elf friends back in the Chant. I missed the opportunity to tell Penderghast I'd back her play to be the Divine and so my scary French girlfriend now runs the Church which makes me a little uneasy.

Maybe I'll see if the website has one of those 'Choose Your Own Adventure' things where I can tick off the points for an 'official history' of the Inquisition.
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Last night I added The Iron Bull to my party. I can't decide if I'm going to romance him or Sera yet, but I need him on the front lines.
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1. Still more than half tempted to start over with an archer. I can't move while shooting, and I find this irksome. However, I just discovered an ability that reduces cooldown on stuff for every regular shot I take, which makes me feel way better about the pitiful amount of damage my regular attack does. Although I think it only counts for the one school of magic.

2. In DA or ME if you give your NPCs abilities that don't fit in the quicktool bar, will they still use those abilities?
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I'm at the big boss fight at the end of Origins. This time, I may just quit here. I just spent two hours in a fun-filled TPK joyfest. Suddenly all of my characters have become clingy and shy--they cluster around the archer and won't attack if a strange monster approaches. Which means I've killed approximately ten of them while trying to fire a ballista at the archdemon. It's not fun, and I'm not getting paid for it.
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Mopping up has concluded. I sent Dagna off to the Circle, her father hates me. I did Shayle's personal quest; the lootz were phat and the combat was invigorating. At one point, I fell in a lake and couldn't get out. I worried that my party would be lacking a PC forever, because I just borrowed Alastair's body eventually and continued the mission, but I teleported out to catch up eventually. yay me!
And now I'm at the gates of Castle Red Cliff.

EDIT: Oh! I forgot! We also met Goldanna, Alastair's half sister. She was... It was certainly a pleasure to make her acquaintance and then leave. Admittedly, I could see how she'd started down that road, but my conversational options were too limited to explore that.
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I got the dwarfs a king so I could get my troops. And then I convinced the Legion of the Dead to come upstairs to fight with us (which would never come back to bite me in the ass later). Also got Alastair an adorable LotD set of armor (except the helmet--he still has the Honnleath helmet with its outrageous wings) and did mopping up stuff in the Deep Roads before... I spent the rest of the evening flitting here and there around the kingdom mopping up other things. (Like the Juggernaut armor quest, and the nest of blood magi in Denerim. And we knocked on the door at Alastair's sister's house and then ran and hid.) It felt like very little progress, which is odd considering the whole coronation thing, but there it is.
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With all the fuss on the heels of the release of DA2 (what? I can't have a dog because I didn't pre-order? You suck!) I decided to get back in the swing of things. Plus, pretty much all I want to do right now is play computer games, and I'm tired of City of Heroes.

I put in a couple of hours tonight on the road to Orzammar, meeting all the soldiers I've already recruited, and then... I think 'tedium' covers most of tonight. Lots of traversing acres and acres of underground, collecting background and then collecting quests and then starting to enact those quests. I'm half a dozen nugs in, at least.

And then I decided to throw in with Harrowmont, because he didn't ask me to do anything skeezy (Honor bound culture, hunh?) or 'arrange' to put fighters out of the tournament. So far, it's been pretty easy. Even with the 'well they're twins so we let them count as just one person' crap. Seriously? Well, they're twins? For the team battle I called out Harrowmont's cousin--I don't know if it makes a difference mechanically, but if I'm going to be tied to this guy then I might as well go all the way.

I figure the team battle is the one left, and we'll fight that tomorrow.
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My last DA entry, back in November, started out So it had been quite a while, and while I could figure out how to move myself around the screen, I'd really pretty much forgotten what the hell I was doing.

Which is pretty much how this one starts too. Luckily, I'm at a point where the game takes you by the nose and leads you around. I started out at the far end of the Grail quest--all I had left to do was take off all my clothes and jump into a fire, and the Holy Guardian says "Dude! You're crazy enough to be a religious zealot! Have some Sacred Ashes!"

I snuck back through the Valley of the Shadow of Death without waking the dragon, and then ambled around town until I could find the way out. People of Haven cursed me for killing everybody in town, but did not in fact step up, so I went back to camp and did maintenance before heading back to Redcliffe. Everybody levelled up at least once, and Morrigan became an Arcane Warrior. Which comes into play later.

Because apparently I'd forgotten to finish the 'kid possessed by a demon' quest, and so I got to send in Morrigan, heavily armed and armored, to put down the demon girl. Which was pretty easy, especially with superbear form. And then there was the Longest Cut Scene In the World. We had a funeral, talked about Connor, fixed Eamon, talked about Eamon, talked about Loghain, talked about a Landsmeet, talked about Alastair, talked about other options, talked about a Landsmeet again, talked about Jowan.... By then, my mouse clicking finger was cramping up, so thank the Maker they turned me loose at that point and gave me a second mission to go talk to the Dwarfs to go along with my first one.
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City Noble guy Galen becomes a Grey Warden. (I'm fairly certain.)

Dear Da: Why did you send me across the castle to fetch up my brother and bring him back to you in the throne room if you're just going to follow along behind and appear in his room anyway?

PS: Arl Howe is totes going to be dastardly as soon as you leave the castle, and his men aren't exactly delayed by weather. Nice knowing you.

PPS: Why do I keep a chest in my room that I can't unlock? Was that mom's idea?

PPPS: Again with the bit where my dad's dying despite having a trunkload of potions. Guess we'll all just sit here and watch him bleed out. Shame we don't have any magic healing in this world.

Also? Nice work with the blackmail, Duncan. I never knew you had it in you. And I love that mom has a wicked archer's arm.

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