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Sep. 4th, 2014 02:20 am
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It's about half an hour before I should get up to catch my plane. The fact that I'm up suggests that oversleeping is unlikely. Miss Maria is sitting next to me catching up on her reading. She has been sterling company, and has played along when we would point and wave and say "Oh! And we have to do this!" I'm glad she could make it.

Yesterday was a trip long in the planning. I've been wanting to get out to the Oregon Caves for quite some time. We planned for an early start, and managed to catch the very last tour of the day. (In our defence, they started closing two hours earlier as of yesterday, and we did arrive at three, probably just after the second to last tour left.) There is no spelunking without a ranger and a tour. Tours run about ninety minutes, and run you up and down and around and through some fairly narrow and occasionally a bit treacherous terrain.

An aside. Some people think 'Cave Kisses' are when water drips on you from the ceiling or an overhead rock. I say 'Hah!' because I know Cave Kisses are when you knock your noggin against a rock you either thought you were past or weren't aware of. And I am something of an expert on the topic.

These are the chlliest caves I've been in, at around forty-five degrees, and I was finally forced to drape one of Maria's lovely sweaters over my shoulders to fend off the encroaching chill. The caves are largely marble/granite, and don't have the spectacular displays from the Natural Bridge caverns in San Antonio have, but I felt less like a tourist making my way through these. Speaking of which. It is extremely rude to bend a fellow as tall round and broad as I am roughly into the shape of a numeral '7' to squeeze through a passage and then remind him that he's not allowed to touch the rock to balance or support himself.

Wednesday: Into the Woods
Interesting. Very little scenery. I had to remind myself once or twice that just because it wasn't being done like *my* production that did not mean it was wrong. The production started with the cast wandering about the stage in street clothes chatting, and when they all started reading from their own copies of the narrator's book, I began to fear a repeat of aWiT. My fears were groundless, though, and characters changed into costume a little at a time--except the baker, for some reason, who was dressed in cargo shorts and boater through the production.

The second act is tricky, things get muddy and dark, without the clear movements of the first, but these guys are a world class organization and steered things well. The parts were crafted for actors who could sing pretty well and there goes the alarm. Time to get up and pack.

See you on the other side.
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This morning's noted advantage to vacationing in a car:
You don't have to worry about stuffing everything into a single bag so the fuckin' airlines don't lose your checked luggage. Or, even if you check luggage, you don't have to worry about cramming it all into easily haulable bags.
Sure, I made about six trips to the car, but it was a far more enjoyable packing up process.
On the road, only half an hour late! *zum*
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Bah. Figures. I leave town and it starts raining.

If you're not already reading Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog, perhaps this quote will convince you.
But al thing in this worlde adoun is lyk vnto a cake fulle of beares– on the outsyde, it appeareth delicious and plesaunte, but inside yt is crawlinge wyth beestes that wisshe to clawe thee to deeth.
Or perhaps a link to the CHAB t-shirt website. I need some of these shirts. (: I don't know what the verb 'swynke' means, but "Funnier than Dante, Prettier than Boccaccio" is a hell of a seller.

I'm also already missing my daily dose of snarky fake news. If anybody I'm going to visit next week has room on their dvr to save it for me, it would not go unappreciated.

Lazy day around the house, today. Some puttering, some laundry. I think I'm going to try and make a run to the grocery store tomorrow, maybe pick up some bottled water and replace the ice cream I just finished off. Did no reading, despite definite plans to do so. I have been loaned a Hugh Laurie novel and told that it must be read. Driving to Ashland was far less eventful than driving home from the airport last night. Got to the Elizabethan, in fact, with plenty of time to run back to the car and discover that I am indeed a dumb ass and left my jacket back at the house.
Play-by-play review of Cyrano from tonight's performance:
Elizabethan at night in shirtsleeves. If this review stops half way through, gentle reader, you will know that either I lost fingers to frostbite or succumbed to hypothermia. No mention of an understudy, in the playbill or on stage. Don't know who's in the driver's seat tonight.
Too dark to take good notes. Or legible.
Is this a new translation?
Yes, definitely. At least one I'm not familiar with.
Love the closing effect before first intermission. Roxane gets her first letter and, in a blue spot, reads it on the balcony in a shower of stationery.
Balcony scene (Christian and Cyrano double team Roxane) seems to drag. Did they add to this, or does it just feel a little slow?
Battle Truffling Swine. I love that phrase. New translation wins points for that.
Freezing to death not an issue. Perfectly comfortable, and the only time chill is an issue is during intermissions when they open the doors.
Nice setting for siege scene. Good use of space. Holy crap, they have the carriage on stage! Oh, wait, it's pretty much just a flat, but they obscured that nicely. Battle pyrotechnics! Yay!
Wow. I want to read my copy of the play now. I think they're adding a bunch of stuff, maybe they were worried people wouldn't Get It unless it were more explicity explained. I'm not certain it was for the best.
Last two acts are for crying.
He's still stupid.

Over all: Acting good, story good, directing and writing, maybe not up to the high standard I set. Enjoyed it very muchly but the movie was better.
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I have arrived safely in Medford (Eagle Point technically) and tomorrow afternoon is my first show. (Starting out with King John.) We (being myself, Mnarra, his lovely wife, his lovely son and his son's lovely owner) watched the first two episodes of Life on Mars. Mnarra more than once turned to me and said "I'm glad you brought this." Although I think it would be happier if it came with subtitles. In any case, by the end of the night, far too many of us had absorbed Martian accents and I suspect that before I leave Monday we will have watched the whole thing.
The family is sharing their dogs, their cats, their couch, their microsuede pillow and their four hundred count sheets as well as their home and their refrigerator. I feel quite loved, even if Shannon has given up nude sunbathing.
Tomorrow: King John, matinee
Wednesday: Cyrano, evening
Thursday: Importance of Being Earnest, evening. Also Graham's birthday.
Sunday: Double header! Jeckyll and Hyde matinee and Two Gentlemen of Verona in the evening.

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