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And thanks to Overlord Project for giving me some DA-style creeps and an agonizing moment of moral choice.
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Today John had very many things to do.
He found a baby Krogan in a bottle.
He went to Horizon to talk with his sort of ex.
He went to a sunny vacation planet to meet his old friend Tali.
He hatched the baby Krogan.
He and his friend Jack went to visit the place she grew up.
He and his friend Jacob went to visit Jacob's dad and his dad's new girlfriends.
He watched his little Krogan become a man.

Horizon was one of the first places that the rails showed, and that chafes when you're not used to seeing them. But the collectors were well done--as soon as I saw them in the cut scene, I wanted to start shooting them.
I was very pleased to see Ashley in the cut scene, but very unhappy with the way Shepherd and Ashley interacted at the end of the mission. Neither of them seemed to be acting in character. And also, if Cerberus is so extremist anti-alien, then how come my party is me, the Salarian, and the Turian? Hunh? Take *that*! Plus, I'm totally flirting with Kelly!

But the Tennyson in the letter later was awesome.

Also? Why the hell can't I go to New Canton to help out my crew? That should be a mission.

Also, The MSV Hugo Gernsback made me laugh.
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I found Pressley's datapad at the Normandy crash site, and it made me cry.
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Apparently I bought the spiffy deluxe Mass Effect pack, and it came with a soundtrack. Which was cool, because I'd just been in Afterlife and thought "That's kind of groovy. I wonder if they made this available to own."

Alas. Afterlife apparently has its own soundtrack, because neither of the tracks are part of the download.

EDIT: Also? I was attacking the bloodguard so I could cure the plague--I took cover and then couldn't do anything. The headsup said I was 'blocked'. WTF does that mean, and does it happen to anybody else? I let Jake and Elwood kill everybody, figuring that once combat was over it'd clear up, but it didn't.
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Kudos to the storytellers at BioWare. Despite having seen the intro twice before, when I started up Mass Effect 2 with John, it pained me to watch my ship go down. But now, I have a new one and there are hardly any strings attached.
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I started ME today. (I'm an Earther, a war hero, and a sniper.) I think I'm enjoying it more than DA at this point. The military model means that yes, I'm on rails, but I don't mind it as much. It feels more like "you have objectives to accomplish" rather than "go now do this thing". We met the geth, and I'm very pleased that there was a reason for the Vlad Dracul Portable Disposal kits aside from "it shows that we're evil". The cannon fodder caught me by surprise. I like the dial-a-conversation style of interaction a lot. And yay for computer assisted aiming!

I'm having trouble getting used to the interface, and I have no idea if I'm switching weapons or not. (EDIT: It looks like I switch weapons briefly and then go back to the pistol.) And I'm losing random bits of dialogue. No one character, and it seems to happen until the camera angle changes. I've had scenes where I could hear one character's lines but not the other's. Makes me sad. And, unfortunately, the strongest character so far has been Pvt. Fodder.

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