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My two favorite holiday themed children's books this year:

Frankenstein makes a sandwich
Manga Claus: The Blade of Kringle

Both spotted at the airport bookstore.

Speaking of work. I am reminded that I need to allow people some familiarity to adjust for my personal sense of humor.
One of the United employees whose desk adjoins mine was trying to stir up enough 'volunteers' to do a FOD walk.**
I, over at my desk, said "Oh! You get to go outside for a walk? You're so lucky."
She looked up and asked me if I wanted to go.
I sighed and said "My stepmother says I have to stay here and pick the lentils out of the ashes."
She crossed her eyes and took half a step back.
"I have to monitor this radio frequency. I can't go anywhere."
"Oh. Okay."

EDIT: If this weren't so expensive it would be pretty damned cool. But five bucks for a composition book seems like a lot of scratch. Hee. Pearl Station.
** FOD is Foreign Object Debris, stuff sitting on the runway which might get sucked into a jet engine and cause bad things. A FOD walk is roaming the tarmac picking up trash.
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Last night I realized that with the breather I could pull the covers up over my head and stay there. And the monsters could *never* get me.
Better living through science, swear to g*d.
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My favorite two-sentence minireview of "The Black Dahlia" thus far. Written by Cleolinda.

It was kind of like Sin City, only in color, and with fewer castrations. But twice as many lesbians.

I really needed the laugh when I got to Julian's latest post on John McCain rolling over like a puppy for his master.

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