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I was sitting here thinking "I need a working title for this story. And it pretty nearly *must* be a Shakespeare quote. Oh! Hey! I spent years marking up my scripts when I found lines that I liked. I'll just...."
Yeah. They're all in California.

EDIT: Apparently this entry is being used as a place holder for title ideas. Feel free to contribute your own.
Basic story is Gibsonian cyberpunk. A bizcorp president is ousted from his position by his brother's underhanded maneuverings. He goes underground to escape assassination, and assembles a troupe of actors to plot his revenge.
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Help me out and get yourself a novel dedication! I'm looking for Shakespearean tropes. Things like 'Twins Separated at Birth' or 'Going into the Woods and Coming Out Transformed' or 'Play Within a Play' or 'Men Playing Women Playing Men'. I think I've got the basic plot down, at least.
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(I was going to put a link to that post I made about the San Francisco Victorian story but of course I can't locate the entry anywhere.)

Another dream that might be a story last night. A Cyberpunk Shakespearean troupe, with character archetypes from Commedia del' Arte (the innocent, the brute, the clown, the lothario, they guy who does the dirty work)--I'm not certain how much of the role is the character and how much is the player, but I'm thinking it might be amusing to swap them up so that (f'rinstance) the player who does the clown roles is, in life, the brute. They're on some kind of quest. And there should be a play within a play. Other than that, I'm still looking for ideas. Possibly one of them is an unfairly deposed ruler, that's sufficiently Shakespearean. Perhaps there are twins involved. Feel free to jump in.

I'm reading Thomas Pynchon (Crying of Lot 49) but I'm not sure for how much longer. He reads like Vonnegut, but without the humor, and I don't really care what happens to anybody. I'm only on page 50, so we'll see what happens.

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