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So, as predicted, the '80s mix needs a DVD. But only by about 60MB. Of course, this is before some minor holes are filled in (Thompson Twins, Thomas Dolby, like that) and I'm not sure if converting some of the .wav files to .mp3 will make more space or less.
If I decide to go with the DVD plan, I may go back and reinstate some of the more painful cuts I had to make. For the nonce, I post the playlist here so that smart people may look it over and say either "That song is too early" or "That song is too late"--but in advance I warn you that, for me, the eighties started in '77 or '78 (around the time that the Ramones and the Clash started putting out albums) and had ended well before 1989.
(Well, I was going to post the playlist until I saw the format iTunes puts it in. So can anybody tell me how to export a playlist in iTunes without including all sixty-three informational fields? All I want is artist, track name and maybe album.)
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Yay for something good happening.
I was assembling the '80s DVD and the subsequent KBVR "Radio Days" CD (For which I still hope to find a graphic from the old t-shirts. They said "You can't lead the pack if you whine like a puppy" and had a snarly wolf head in the middle.) and was bemoaning the empty spaces. I never transferred any of my Thomas Dolby to digital, so it's all still on vinyl. I lost somewhere my copy of REM's Eponymous, which was the only IRS album of theirs that made the jump from cassette to CD.
And this morning I checked moses' discs she sent me, and there appears to be Thomas Dolby on that. I'm betting at least one of the albums is Golden Age of Wireless. And yesterday, I think through one of the online articles from The Nation, I saw an ad for And I Feel Fine: Best of the IRS Years which has two discs instead of just one. The overlap appears to be nearly complete, with a couple of "is this the same mix as that" questions being the only problem spots. (Gardening at Night different vocal mix, and Finest Worksong mutual drum horn mix as compared to Gardening at Night, Gardening at Night slower electric demo, Finest Worksong and Finest Worksong other mix.)
As an aside, I notice a couple of songs on the tracklist for Eponymous that I don't recall ever hearing on my CD. Finest Worksong? I really didn't think I owned a copy of that. Romance? I don't recognize the title. Although if I had audio at work I could play the clip and would likely recognize it then.
Yay for something good happening. But I'd still like a nap and a vacation.

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