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The Thermals, Portland locals, have that simple clear sound that reminds me of Violent Femmes, or Too Much Joy, or They Might Be Giants. The lyrics more remind me of Talking Heads, though. Any way you slice it, though, I'm betting these kids were raised on their folks' record collection. The website has selections from the latest two albums, since they signed on with Kill Rock Star.
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What if Jesus and Mary Chain asked Sonic Youth if they wanted to 'go to the movies or something' but then stood them up and went to the mall with the Pixies and mocked shoppers?
It might sound something like Crocodiles.

Also? I'm not crazy about Chilly Gonzalez's music--he plays the piano and raps rather nontraditionally about the music business and his life--but he's written the soundtrack and the script, produced, and starred in a film called "Ivory Tower" with Peaches about two champion chess playing brothers in love with the same woman.
And there's just nothing that's not awesome about that concept.
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The Drums remind me a lot of early New Order--that insistent drumming, with plucky guitars surging underneath it, and airy detached vocals. That sort of thing.
While I'm not crazy about the Raveonettes mix of the main single, I really like the Knight School Version.
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So when I checked the email from and saw Zero 7, I almost skipped over Semi Precious Weapons's offering. Which would have been a mistake. These guys are fun, straight ahead, party time guitar rockin'. (As they say, "Tell me somethin' I don't know.")
Zero 7's new offering didn't interest me as much, but "Pop Art Blue" from an earlier single is going into my library--it's their usual strong beat/swirly moves/layers with vocals thing that I enjoy so much.
And for those of you looking for a good club beat, Eli Escobar out of New York, may be able to scratch that itch. I downloaded both cuts, with the thought that they'd work much better in a club when you're paying attention to other people than at home when you're just paying attention to them.
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It's not something I can immediately confine with a clever "It's like Band A meets Band B in a location conducive to Genre C and Band D is their waiter" metaphor, but there's guitars and synth layers, and a very strong female lead vocal.
I downloaded "You've Got the Love" and "Rabbit Heart", and since "Kiss With a Fist" isn't available for free download, I may find it and spring for the $1 download on iTunes. "Postcards from Italy" is a departure from the rest of the cuts on this page--acoustic guitar solo. I'm not sure I like it, but it certainly kept my attention.

EDITED to add the gosh darned link to the page.
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Here's a gem from the freebie pile: a new mix from Morcheeba's new album, Blood Like Lemonade.
And as a special NASA bonus, the lyrics were inspired by the thoughts of astronauts looking back at earth!
It's trippy. It's hoppy. I'd spin it if I were still Mister DJ.
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Here's another one of those bands that I like almost enough to download. They've got that nineties alternapop sound that makes me want to fish out my Stone Roses album, and I shouldn't mind having them played in the car on a trip somewhere.
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This morning's bleeding edge cut comes from a Mancunian band called Delphic and this particular track suggests that they were immersed in New Order through their formative years; it reminds me very strongly of "Age of Consent" era Manchester dance music. So if you'd like to bob your head and shuffle around the kitchen, then download "Doubt" by Delphic. This might be classified as Gilbert Fun.
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Nada Surf (You remember them--the "Popular" guys) have a new album out, and they've got a free track up on that rcrdlbl site. It's called Electrocution, and it's a Bill Fox cover. (If you haven't heard of him, don't worry--you're not alone.) It's got that lovely jangly early seventies sound that reminds me of the Byrds, or maybe the Monkees in a particularly mellow mood.
The demo is only a minute long, and I haven't listened to the download to find out if it's the whole song or not but I have my fingers crossed. The download is the whole 3:13, but WMP is behaving oddly and just not *playing* all of it. This may be a 'strictly my machines' issue.

EDIT: You know what would probably help with that? A URL.
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I've been posting links to the free downloads from RCRDLBL, and I'm curious as to whether anybody is finding them useful. Not if anybody is downloading stuff, but do people want to hear about these, in case there's something they might want to download in the future.
Like, if I said that the Midnight Juggernauts were a rockin' band, kind of Stone Roses kind of Simple Minds, that I enjoyed listening to almost enough to download some of their tracks, would you think "I wish this were FaceBook and I could screen these out" or "If I liked rockin' bands, I might click that link"?
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Feeling in the mood for some super mod girl pop? Check out the free downloads at RCRDLBL for The Like.
Fair Game is my favorite. I can't say I'm a big fan of the remix.
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Hussle Club, despite the annoyance of the spelling, was worth a listen. The track has a very eighties feel to it, like if Roxy Music and the Psychedelic Furs had dirty drunken sex in a discotheque bathroom.

And you know you want to hear a song like that.
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This is mostly for Technocowboy but it's quite possible somebody else on my list will be enthused.

The Scissor Sisters have a new album coming out soon (or, if you're especially hip, their joint is dropping), and if you visit you can find the pre-release (early drop?) of the first single, Invisible Light, and some remixes.
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School of Seven Bells

They're sort of swirly dream pop, in the vein of Cocteau Twins, but with slightly more coherent lyrics. I'm digging this (especially "Half Asleep") but not quite enough to actually download it. So I'm passing it on to you lot in case somebody on my list says "Mercy! Got to have me some of that!"

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