cyrano: (I want to go home)
Safely home.
I wandered around the waterfront, admiring the scenery, and did some pre-shopping at Pike Place. Then I met up with RN and LL (thank you both for putting up with me for so long this trip!) and told her that I'd found the silk robe she was looking for on Sunday. So we all went down there, and I finally found a replacement for the black silk banded collar shirt I bought over 20 years ago before it gave up the ghost. It was much too warm to wear silk, though, so it got bagged. Then we went to the Seattle Aquarium, which was very cool and although it didn't have everything that the Monterey aquarium has, it had a few things it doesn't.
And then we went luggage shopping and shoe shopping and then I freaked out because I'd lost track of the time and I needed to get back to the hotel to catch my shuttle to the airport. And since I have the coolest friends in the world, they promised that if we got back too late then they'd just take me to the airport. But they didn't have to.
And my best housemate picked me up and took me home. La. Tomorrow is grocery shopping, laundry, doctor's appointment, and really no shit this time writing the plot for Thursday's episode.

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