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[personal profile] mimerki lured me into her five question project, and asked me the following questions.

(1) You can give one piece of advice to yourself at age 8. What is it?

Stay with the church. It's going to teach you some structure, help you develop a moral compass, and help you learn about people. It will also get you started with critical thinking and asking awkward questions. And don't let anybody pressure you about getting baptised.

(2) Does ice cream go with pie and, if so, what flavor of ice cream?

Ice cream definitely can go with pie, but is not a necessity. Vanilla, especially nice high-end vanilla, is flexibly good with a lot of pies, but that doesn't have to be the end of it. Chocolate ice cream is good with a banana custard pie. Caramel swirl ice cream is good with a chocolate pie. Et cetera. (Full disclosure--I think sharp cheddar goes well on apple pies.)

(3) What song do you sing to yourself when you feel especially cheerful?

It largely depends on what I've been listening to recently. "Daft Punk is Playing at My House". "Call Me a Hole". "Bright Future in Sales". "Bad Girls". "Meet You at the Moon". "I Want You Back". "Gypsy Part of Town". "Life in One Day". The lyrics themselves aren't always joyous, but making the sounds and being good at it seem to be common threads. The most recent one was Dessa's Dutch

(4) The other morning, I found myself discussing Vorlon gender identity with a friend. What type of conversation do you find yourself having that seems to pretty well define the type of people you want in your life?

I thought about this one for quite a while. I think for me it's that moment playing Fiasco where everything is clicking and all four of you can see the trajectories form and you know you have created a beautiful trainwreck together.

(5) You can give one piece of advice to yourself at age 18. Is it the same as what you would give to yourself at 8? Why or why not?

Get out of the church. It has taught you all it can, and will just frustrate you and make you think less of people. You know you don't want to go on a mission, and you're already uncertain about doctrinal issues. Plus, you're going to meet a girl in a couple of years and your relationship with the church will not help you with that.

As I am a lazy sod, I will only give one question, chosen at random, to you if you ask for one.
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This week, after watching the Colbert Report and discovering that he doesn't have a favorite lesbian, I've decided that today there will be a twist on IFAMAQD--IFIAYAQD!
Who's your favorite lesbian?
I've decided that bisexuals count, because all the cool kids are bisexuals. For those of you who need a little help, here's a quick list of famous lesbians. But if your beloved aunt is your favorite then by all means choose her.
Once you've completed the first half (or even if you haven't) feel free to proceed to the regularly scheduled IFAMAQD! festivities and ask me a question. (It is, after all, Friday.)
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The first rule of Ask Me a Question Friday is that we don't talk about Ask Me a Question Friday. We just Ask Me a Question.

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