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This morning was the trip to Farmer's Market, mostly because I had a special order with the bread guy. Special order next Sunday could be trickier. I met JoyfulParadox outside the market, and escorted her through it. We discussed our lives, and I have a tentative date to visit the Winchester Mansion (in addition to the earlier engagement to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium).
Groceries stowed, I went to take a quick nap. Which lasted until Miss Friday arrived, more or less, for our trip to WaterCourse Way and La Fondue. Both were wonderful, and I got to sample grilled llama. (A bit grassy, I think.)
From home, I unloaded books-to-sell and emptied another bookshelf. I did not, however, take it down to the garage yet. I'm not *that* industrious. Tomorrow I pick up more drugs and test a new bookshelf and.... more crazy packing, I guess.
MF assures me that I'm much more on top of things than it looks.
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Last night, my plea for dinnermates was answered, and Tess and I went to Kabul. mmmmmmmmmm. Yeah. I got a lot of stuff and shared it--Kadu, and pakora badenjan, and beef on a skewer.
Friday, while avoiding the housecleaner, I took a stroll down to Baji's for omelette cheese attacku (heart attacku) and Cherry Coke.
I also need to add the SF Observatory, the Water Temple, and Watercourse Way to the list.
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Water Temple (Menlo Park?)
Watercourse Way
Cliff House museum
Golden Gate Park historical thingy whatsis
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Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. Thanks you.
On the way back from Whole Foods, driving past Baji's, it occurred to me that I ought to put together a California Bucket List, for things to do before I leave. And I think I'll slip that behind a Read more... )

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