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I'm trying to build a soundtrack for writing this Western/Anime thing.
Right now I'm setting aside some Boiled in Lead, Sunday's Well, what little Ennio Morricone I have on I Western, Alexander James Adams, Nickel Creek, a 'music of the Civil War' CD I found, Greg Edmonson's FF score Qada'an Nachin, some audio snippets from Tombstone and Firefly. I'd like to find some of the music they use in DeadWood. I'd rather not spend a whole lot of money acquiring new music for this, but accidents do happen.
Music mavens, feel free to jump in and tell me what you think.
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I think I'm cancelling social plans tonight and just going home. I'd really like to get better now, thanks.

I was trying to think about how I could arrange the fact that in November I'm going to be writing from (probably) multiple locations on multiple machines and I wanted a convenient way to keep all the writing in one place. Which likely meant something web based. I had, in the past, tried using gmail or something similar but was deeply dissatisfied with it.
Then I thought about LiveJournal. And, despite my vows that nobody would see this steaming pile of crap, I do already have a writing journal in place. So I may be using My Vicious Circle. I'll try to remember to use cut tags but if you're afeared then this is your chance to unsubscribe.
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Hunh. I don't have a 'writing' tag yet. Says something about how often I remember to use them.

Anyway. I think I have a plot. But I need tropes to skewer. I need anime tropes, specifically the 'Japanese Schoolgirl goes to an alternate dimension gains superpowers and saves it' tropes.
I realize that much will be lost in translation between animated television and words on a page, but that's a risk I'm willing to take, dammit.

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