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There's a beat up church on Maybee, I'd pass it pretty much every time I went to the Depot for rehearsal or a performance or a board meeting or whatever. Classic nineteenth century look, and an adjoining cemetery surrounded by a beat up iron fence. There were something like six big double gates around it, but they were always chained shut with clunky rusty chains. And even on Sundays the church was quiet.

I kept thinking I should stop and investigate--goth plus history major, so this place is total catnip--but it was dark or it was raining or I had to get to rehearsal or home or I forgot... always something. There was one night that I drove around just to make sure all of the gates were secured, that I hadn't missed one. I hadn't.

Today, after strike, around noon on a Sunday, I was driving past the quiet empty church and remembered and had the time. So I stopped, bundled up, and found a route that minimised my chances of getting run over. Back behind the church is a little gate for people that is unchained and opens easily. I didn't take any photos inside (really frickin' cold) but there are three requests for pictures of folks's gravesites so I'll probably stop by later. Lots of Maybees and Beardslees. Back in the day, they dug their 'e's.

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